In 1995, Claude Lacroix, father of APR, got fired by the company in which he worked since 1988 as CADM programmer.
What a great opportunity for such a daredevil to show that it is possible to make business only relying on local customers. In 1995 he decided to create the company APR.
Business is business, and Claude Lacroix first and mainly uses the word of mouth to do business, and it works… No matter how many hours he spends working every day, the most delightful thing is to work freely and with people he chooses. The company starts in the garage of Claude Lacroix’s house but this is just the start…
Claude Lacroix wants to make profit of his experience: that’s why the core business of APR is machining programming, technical expertise in machining procedure and support to industrialization. Its customers mainly are second-level subcontractors of the aeronautical and mechanical industries. As a professional, Claude Lacroix satisfies their needs: he has gained recognition thanks to his availability and reactivity.

In 1996, Didier Boustie joins the company after leaving a company of more than 1,000 employees in which he worked as turning and milling machine operator. APR is growing, as does its business, slowly but surely : it hires and trains a yearly average of 1 person.

1998 is a key year: the company enters Airbus, with the facility of Nantes, for which it is in charge of programming detail parts for the future long-range aircrafts A340 500/600. This rare opportunity to enter Airbus is a chance to push the local barriers and gain a national recognition : APR become first-level subcontractor for Airbus. The same year it becomes a training organization to officially train its own personnel.

In 2000, the ISO 9001 certification validates its quality commitment to customers and proves its will to always satisfy them.

In 2004, APR has reached maturity : it is composed of 7 employees. The garage of Claude Lacroix’s house is now too small : it needs to find a place where it can expand its activity in a moderate way. The company moves into the building of a former bank, thus ensuring data security.

In 2005, APR decides not to make business alone anymore and forms an alliance with 3 other local companies, called Alliance Nouvelles Technologies(A.N.T. – New Technologies Alliance). Thanks to complementary competences in the mechanical industry, they aim at proposing the production of full subassemblies(from design to the finished product) to their customers.

2008 is the year of re-birth and re-newal for APR since it is the year of re-tirement for Claude Lacroix : he gives the controls to three young pilots. Didier Boustie , Denis Espalieu  and Gilles Golse  today are partners to manage the company. They are now at the helm of APR business !